NE from NE rec
Reconstruction of the East porch (the front porch) of the Parthenon from NE
The metopes and triglyphs painted in blue are on the top right. The ceiling of the peristasis (the colonnade sourrounding the cella of the temple) is between the outside columns and the wall of the cella. Near the ceiling is the frieze. To the left is the East frieze showing part of the Panathenaic procession of mortals and heros continuing from either east corner of the Parthenon and converging at the center, above the main door of the temple (left), at the five-figure scene of the sacred peplos robe. To the right is the North frieze depicting part of the Panathenaic procession approaching the scene with the sacred peplos robe - to be seen around the corner of the temple, are men with cattle followed by men with horned sheep and then tray carriers, youths with water jars, pipers and cithara players.

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