Athena and her adopted son Erichthonius
At left, Athena stands in profile to the right. She holds a spear in her right hand, and a helmet in her left. Her hair is wrapped in a scarf, and she wears a chiton fastened at the shoulders. On the right is a pile of rocks, on which sits a basket. The wicker lid, decorated with olive wreaths, has been thrown off and is lying on the rocks. Two snakes emerge from the rocks, near the base of the basket. A small child, Erichthonius, dressed in a cloak thrown over his shoulder, is seen from the waist up in the box. He looks towards Athena and waves with his right hand.
Attic Red Figure Pelike, H. 0.265 m, ca. 440 - 430 BCE
Erichthonius Painter, From Camirus
London, British Museum, London E 372

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