Clickable Plan of Camirus

1: Sanctuary and Temple of Athena Camiras
2: Hellenistic Stoa
3: Cistern - Archaic period
4: Houses of the Hellenistic period
5: Altar Enceint (Hierothyteion)
6: Bath complex
7: Houses preceding the Altar Enceinte
8: Fountain-Stoa
9: Sacred area with votive offerings
10: Hellenistic Temple
11: Small Hellenistic Temple
12: Exedra
13: Houses of the Roman period
14: Terrace walls of the Hellenistic period

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Sanctuary plan Hellenistic Stoa NW Hellenistic Stoa NW2 Hellenistic Stoa NE Hellenistic Stoa NE2 Hellenistic Stoa N2 Hellenistic Stoa N Altar Enceinte SW2 Hellenistic Temple E Altar Enceinte SW Hellenistic Temple N