Menelaus and Ulysses at the Altar of Athena
Seated on the stepped Altar in the Sanctuary of Athena at Troy are Menelaus, Ulysses and the herald Talthybius. They are approached by Theano, her two maids Dia and Malo, and her nurse. The names of practically all of the figures are inscribed.
The Greeks had come to Troy to ask for a peaceful surrender of Helen. They are depicted inside the city, having just arrived. They are met by Theano, the priestess of Athena and the wife of Antenor, the most important Trojan, next to King Priam. The embassy to Troy was not successful and the Trojan War broke out, but during the sack of Troy the Greeks spared the house of Antenor.

Black-figured column krater, known as the Astarita krater
Corinthian vase c. 560 BCE, height 47 cm
Vatican, Museo Gregoriano Etrusco I, cat. 35525

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