Athena Velletri legs from front with study
Athena Velletri legs from front with study.
The hip, right leg and right foot are turned right.
The right knee is flexed with the weight of the body mainly on the left leg.
peplus (dress) under the himation (mantle) is too pleated. See below how it could be restored.

Birth of Erichthonius
Birth of Erichthonius
The Goddess Ge (Earth) emerges to hand the infant to Athena.
Given the popularity of birth scenes for the bases of cult statues, the original is attributed by many to the base of the Athena and Hephaestus statues (near-parents of Erichthonius) in is Temple.
Cf. the himation-swathed legs of the Athena Velletri given to the same group by some.

Copy of an original of about 420 BCE
Restored H. of original frieze about 0.70m
Vatican, Chiaramonti 1285

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