Detail of Bare-headed Athena
Because the arms of our sculpture are missing we can not know their position. But some vase paintings can give us clues. Here the Goddess stands holding her helmet out in her right hand, and with her left grasping her spear near the top. She wears a chiton, a himation draped in the 'Ionic' fashion and passing over the left shoulder, the aegis, earring, bracelets. The fringed head-band is set in front with leaves, perhaps of gold. The gorgoneion shows tongue but no teeth.
This can not be a painting of our sculpture because she has long curly hair and a large aegis over her shoulders; and also because it was painted some 20-30 years before our sculpture.

Lekythos from Thebes, Height 0.408
About 470-460 BCE, by the Providence Painter
Boston 95.43

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