The very famous Limping God formed of earth the likeness of a shy maiden as the son of Cronus willed.
   And the Goddess bright-eyed Athena girded and clothed her with silvery raiment, and down from her head she spread with her hands a broidered veil, a wonder to see; and she, Pallas Athena, put about her head lovely garlands, flowers of new-grown herbs.
   Also she put upon her head a crown of gold which the very famous Limping God made himself and worked with his own hands as a favor to Zeus his father.
   On it was much curious work, wonderful to see; for of the many creatures which the land and sea rear up, he put most upon it, wonderful things, like living beings with voices: and great beauty shone out from it.
The Theogony
Except from ll. 561-584
Translated by Hugh G. Evelyn-White
Hesiod (8th century BCE)


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